How to launch your own unstoppable market for any token

Today you're going to find out how to launch a market on ethereum that requires no dapp. That allows for instant buying of your token. And that makes the whole experience as easy as sending an email.

1. Go to and go to the right where it says Pool. Then go to Create Exchange. Put in the address of the contract for your token. Create.

2. Go to the top and go to liquidity. Put in your contract address. Put in how much Ether and tokens you want to start the market with. The more liquidity the better the rate your users will get. Submit.

3. Go to and go to your own address. Find the top transaction. Grab the address of the market contract from the To address.

4. Go to the ENS manager. If you don't own an ENS you'll need to register one. Go here for help. Now.eth are able to provide one for your project just dm us. Go to the bottom and put the market address in. Submit.

5. Try it out on your favourite wallet. Congrats you just launched you own unstoppable and instant DAWNS enabled market.

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