How to make a DAWNS

DAWNS the future of Dapps

We call dapps without apps Decentralized Autonomous Wallet Native Services. Dapps with no sites to take down or geoblock. No UI to use. No time to waste.
Real smart contracts.
Real fast.

DAWNS. The next generation of dapps

To make your dapp into a DAWNS you just need to use the power of ENS and a fall back in your contract.

1. Look to make sure your contracts got a fallback.

This usually just looks like this
function() payable

If not you'll need to make a contract with a fallback that then calls the contract you want to make into a DAWNS with any info you'll need to push with the call.

The amount and sender will be usable through

Msg.value for the amount of ether sent

Msg.Sender for their address

2. Register your ENS and map the subdomain to the contract

Like map the subdomain
To the address of the contract with the fallback.

3. Go dapp with your DAWNS.

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