Introducing Now.eth

The future of DAWNS

Now.eth allows you to buy tokens through Uniswap, wrap Ether and interact with almost any dapp, all without leaving the wallet you already use.

How it works

Now.eth is powered by both the Uniswap Exchange and ENS to allow for any eth sent to the domain now.eth to go right to the contract on Uniswap without opening the dapp. But it's more than that.

Uniswap smart contracts natively accept an incoming Ether transfer to execute a buy through a fall back in the contract. The tokens purchased get sent directly to your wallet. Now.eth maps the Uniswap token contracts to the subdomain <token>.now.eth. For example, sending Ether to will result in a purchase of DAI tokens through the fall back, which are forwarded directly to your wallet. Just pay and play!

But you're able to do more than just buy tokens. For wrapping Ether we map to the Weth contract and then using the fall back wrap and send the Weth token back.

If there is no fall back we are able to make a contract with a fall back that will then call any other contract we want with any further info the contract needs in the call. This allows us to hot key almost any dapp to run without leaving your wallet.

This allows for dapps that are able to run without any app. Able to not be taken down or censored or geoblocked. And allows instant and easy #DeFi use. All through the power of ENS.

DAWNS the future of Dapps

We call dapps without apps Decentralized Autonomous Wallet Native Services. Dapps with no sites to take down or geoblock. No UI to use. No time to waste. Real smart contracts. Realtime. Real fast.

DAWNS. The next generation of dapps.

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