Using Dapps Now Becomes Easier Than Sending an Email

Buy. Wrap. Dapp. Now.

Using dapps has long needed you to not only get the crypto and a wallet but making sure that it's able to use web3. You then go to the dapp and need to put in the info needed to use the dapp like token amount to buy and the token you want from the many there. That's if you know what dapp does what you want like where to buy the token or how you wrap eth. But this is all now easier than sending an email.

Now.eth uses the ENS and smart contract fallbacks to allow you to use dapps without leaving your wallet or worrying about addresses like 0x9D31e30003f253563Ff108BC60B16Fdf2c93abb5. For more on the technical side go to the how it works here.

It's simple.

1. Open your wallet

Make sure they support the ethereum name service.

2. Put the token that you would like to buy or dapp you would like to use followed by now.eth

Like to buy bat you would put in

The full selection of dapps and tokens can be found here.

Then put how much eth you would like to swap or spend. The amount of tokens will be automatically handled. Send.

3. Wait.

4. Get your tokens instantly.

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